Why to choose SMS/ GSM/ GPS/ GPRS scales?

Devices such as GSM / SMS scales appeared in the market relatively recently, but experiencedincreasi ng popularity. The impression is that beekeepers are increasingly recognizing the benefits new technologies provide.

The basic function of any GSM / SMS scales is measuring the yield of honey. In addition to the information about the state ‘in the field’ a beekeeper also has other benefits. The first is that many beekeepers whose apiaries are hundreds kilometers away from the city of residence have huge savings on cost and time that would be lost in the travel. Using GSM / SMS beekeeping scales they can by a free call check the current weight of honey collected without leaving their home.

Second, and perhaps more important advantage of using GSM / SMS scales is that the beekeeper based on the obtained data will create a picture of the state of grazing at the site, and possibly move the hives if the results are not satisfactory. Do not forget that the season for collecting honey is for a beekeeper a resource that cannot be compensated.

In addition, a major problem in recent years is the theft of hives, and entire apiary. Use of SMS Scales with appropriate sensors can secure individual hives, beekeeping vehicle and the entire apiaries from theft. GPS module on GSM / SMS scales helps in precise locating of stolen scales, and GPRS protocol sends all data over the Internet.

During the winter with the help of SMS Scales a beekeeper can control food consumption and timely react in case of increased consumption.

Why to choose our SMS Scales?

The concept and manufacturing of the SMS scales is nothing new. Plenty of experience gathered by working with electronic devices based on similar technology gave us the necessary knowledge and skills to manufacture a product such as this. Through talking with beekeepers we learned about their needs and the ideas we thought were good were also implemented in the best quality SMS/GPRS scales on market, according to many relevant experts.

The thing that sets our scales apart is the quality make (for which we issue a warranty), the simplicity of usage (setting the scales with a single SMS message), great autonomy (up to 6 months) and a low price. Apart from that, we can make each scales according to the size and demands of the buyer, and in case of a malfunction we send spare parts to your home address within 24 hours. Technical support regarding software and settings is available every day, weekends included.
Quality confirmed by the CE mark, Serbian mark of conformity and RoHS certification.
From the very beginning of the commercial use of our SMS Scales this device has been constantly developing. We crossed a long way since the first generation of SMS Scales which only measured the yield of honey in one mode and had the ability to protect the apiary, to today’s that have twenty useful options of which at least half are our innovations (which the scales of competing manufacturers do not possess). Due to the innovation that our SMS Scales Team implemented, we are awarded the 3rd prize at the 6th National Fair in beekeeping in innovation category and 2nd prize for the best technological innovation in Serbia 2014.
Our SMS Scales is the only such device that is protected by the Intellectual Property Institution of the Republic of Serbia.


Some of the most important references that show our hard work, knowledge and dedication invested in SMS Scales:
09/02/2013 The fifth national fair of beekeeping in Belgrade - lecture on "SMS digital scales, alarms and anti-theft video surveillance, tracking from the flat of a beekeeper with GPRS" (Nikola Jovanović)
08/03/2014 3rd place on the 6th state beekeeping fair in Belgrade in the category of innovation
16/12/2014. Exhibition of SMS Scales at the Summit of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
26/12/2014 Winning 2nd place in the competition for the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2014
31/12/2014 Reception at the Mayor of Krusevac, Dragi Nestorovic, and award of silver coins with the image of Car Lazar for prominent citizens of Krusevac
30/01/2015 Presentation of scientific work "Smart Devices of GPS technology in the case of SMS Scales" on MAK 2015 Agribusiness Forum in Kopaonik.(Nikola Jovanović, Aida Maslan)
01/04/2015 Lecture at Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry before the Group for beekeeping (Aida Maslan, Predrag Koturanovic, Nikola Jovanović)
19/05/2015 Exhibition of SMS Scales on the 59th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements (UFI)
25/09/2015 Presentation at professional conference of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) "Improving beekeeping in Serbia"
01/30/2016 Lecture at the fair in Istanbul (Turkey) on "SMS weighing in beekeeping" (Aida Maslan, Nikola Jovanović)
13/02/2016 Lecture at the fair in Pleven (Bulgaria) on "Third Generation of SMS Scales" (Nikola Jovanović, Predrag Koturanovic)
09/03/2016 SMS Scales registered as a petty patent at the Intellectual Property Office under number 1456 UI
The display and presentation of SMS Scales was held at fairs and beekeeping associations in over 20 cities in Serbia and neighboring countries.

SMS Scales Team

SMS Scales was developed by a team of experts with the aid of ''Optical'' from Krusevac (Serbia) which has been dealing with modern informative technologies and has passed on market several of their own products such as various controllers based on GSM technology, GPS pin-pointers, Console Manager, etc.

SMS Scales Team are not amateurs but professionals in the areas of hardware, embedded and application programming, web development, wired and wireless computer networking. As such, we guarantee quality and a competitive product on the market.