Once the SMS Scale is leveled and other preparations and settings are done the beekeeper can set the beehive on the scale with an extension or a semi-extension. Then it is necessary to tare so that the weight of packaging would be transferred into TAR and the SMS Scale monitors only the honey income, or NETT worth.

Taring can be done in two ways:
- display monitor
- SMS message

- Taring Via the display monitor is conducted when a beekeeper connects the display to the SMS Scale and turns it on by pressing a button.
When five zeroes appear on the display, he can tare by pressing the button for 7 seconds. After that all the measurements that the display shows will be NETT.
- Taring via SMS message is quite simple and is done when the beekeeper sends an SMS message to the scale with the following contents:

After that he will receive an SMS message with information of the measurements including the weight of TARE, and the NETT worth is 0 kg. SMS Scale for beehives of various weights will also display different TARE values.


Place the cargo on the SMS Scales which must be pre-aligned, and tared load centered over the pan. This feature can be done in 3 ways:
- Free call SMS Scales
- By SMS
- Using a hand display
- Turn on the display. Hold down the display of between 0.5s 2s then release the button. Appears on the display (-----), which means that the measurement is in progress.
After a few seconds, you get the NETT value (if the balance is tared), otherwise the value of the GROSS.
- Weighing is done when the beekeeper sends a SMS with the following contents:
- Call SMS Scales, and SMS Scales will "ring" 2 times then reject the call. After a few seconds, you get the SMS with the following information:
ID001 - Society A1
Location: Mountain 2
NET: 77.82 kg (+-25g)
TARA: 5.86 kg
DI: 3.76kg
GSM Signal: 21 (7 to 31)
Sis.Temp: 6C (-30C to 80C)
Battery status: 5/5
DI - daily income represents honey income during 24 hours. Default measurement time is 6am to 6am, but the beekeeper can setup other time by this command:
TDI xx - xx are hour, for example when the beekeeper set TDI 20 SMS Scales will measure daily income from 8pm until 8pm. Daily income can be negative.
GSM signal - the signal strength of the GSM network, which should be between 7 and 31, although it is possible to establish a connection with something weaker signal, but with no guarantee that the device will always be online. If some sites have problems with signal strength, quality GSM antenna can solve the problem.
Sis.Temp - system temperature devices. This is not the outside air temperature. The value of this parameter is idle, it differs only by about +2 C in comparison to the real air temperature. So that this parameter can be used, with approximate, as the ambient air thermometer. If Sis.Temp parameter below 7C (real 5C) can be expected to rechargeable battery lasts much less than anticipated. This information must be within the range between-30C and 80C, the device will shut down suprpotnom GSM module to prevent possible damage.
Battery status - battery capacity value. It is expressed in 5 notches 20% each.

Adding new extensions

One of the innovations that the beekeepers suggested and our SMS Scales Team developed is adding new extensions and semi-extensions with which the SMS Scales does not measure the weight of new packaging, but only the honey income. This function is only available via SMS messaging.

The process is simplified for the user himself and all that the beekeeper has to do is:

1. Before setting up the semi-extensions send an SMS message to the SMS Scales with the contents TARA1 (at that moment the SMS Scales memorizes the values at that moment and stops taking measurement until it gets a message TARA2)
2. Set up semi-extension onto the beehive and it has an optimal time limit of 10 minutes. If during that time the extension or the semi-extension is not set up, the message TARA1 is deleted and the SMS Scales continues measurements as if nothing has happened.
3. When he sets up the extension and sends a message with the contents TARA2.

From that moments the measurement is continued with the weight of new extensions being transferred into TARA and the NETT measurement is continued from the value that was before sending the message TARA1.
After sending TARA2 the SMS Scales will conduct a control measurement and reply to the beekeeper via a text message which contains the new TARA, and the NETT is without change.

With this function we have enabled the beekeeper to at any moment have insight into the honey income and we have made it easy for him in a sense that he does not have to manually to calculate the values (TARA and NETT) every time he gets new extension and it lasts during the duration of the honey collecting.


The beekeeper sends a message:

(within 10 minutes he adds the new extension into the bee hive and puts back the lid)

The beekeeper sends a message:

The SMS Scales conducts a control measurement and the beekeeper gets a text message with the new TARA, increased weight of the extension, and with the same NETT as before sending the TARA1.

NETT notification

Another innovation of the SMS Scales Team is NETT notification, or the option for the beekeeper himself to set a certain weight for which the SMS Scales will send a notification when it reaches it.

It is enough for the beekeeper to send a text message with the contents NETT INFO XXX (where XXX is the amount of rounded kilograms, maximum a three digit number).

If the beekeeper wants to get an SMS notification when NETT reaches 102kg we will send a text message with the following contents:
The beekeeper can turn off info by sending SMS:

NETT notifications works only in MOD1 of the SMS Scales by reading the NETT weight every hour and if it detects the weight reaching the set value it sends a notification to the user (SMS, e-mail, FTP).

Battery capacity

The condition of the battery is shown at the end of the SMS message with weighing, on a scale 5/5 up to 1/5. For the forgetting beekeeper there's a function called "battery status" which will send a message when the power on the battery drops to 1/5. The beekeeper then knows how much time the battery approximately has and has enough time to get ready a replacement.
SMS that beekeeper receives:
ID001 – MyApiary A1
Location: Mountain 2
Battery capacity is 1/5. Please, replace battery.