SMS Scales is the only device with multi-language support. At this moment there are Serbian and English, but with upcoming interest other languages will be added, and all SMS Scales customers will get a command list and clarifying on their own language, and later a manual too.
The beekeeper can set command language and notifications by one SMS. Codes are taken from international two letter abbreviation ISO 639-1, for example: en is english, sr serbian, hr croatian...
Complete table can see at this link
Read codes carefully, because code for country and for language are not the same. For example, code for Serbia is RS, and for Serbian language is SR. SMS Scales rs and SMS Scales sr are not the same.
The beekeeper sends SMS with command ISO and two letter abbreviation:
ISO en - and commands will be on English.

Adding new user

When a beekeeper buys SMS Scales and puts his SIM card inside (which is previously activated) he  needs to call it, and SMS Scales will memorize his number as User. It is an innovation by our SMS Scales Team.
The other way (as is was in previous versions of SMS Scales software) is that beekeeper put SIM card into cell phone, and manually memorize his own number on SIM phonebook as User (capitalize U). The beekeeper can add as much as he likes User numbers.
If the beekeeper can't add User he can contact SMS Scales Team to do that for him.
For adding a new User, the beekeeper needs to send command and number of User like this:
ADD NUMBER 063111000

Basic parameters

In the case that beekeeper has more than one scale, and to be sure which scale is in mention he first needs to send SMS which define these parameters.
It can be done by SMS:

LOCATION (name of location where the honey farm is, some village, mountain...)

Example SMS:
LOCATION Mountain 2

NAME (if there is more than one honey farm on same location)

Example SMS:
NAME MyApiary A1

ID (identification number for particularly scale, if there is more than one scale, beekeeper can add up to 5 characters, numbers or letters)

Example SMS:
ID ID001


If beekeeper sends some commands that do not take action at that moment, SMS Scales will send him back "OK", as a sign that it understood command, or it will send "Unknown command", as a sign that beekeeper didn't send the command right.
Every notification spends some balance from SIM card. The beekeeper can turn on or off these notifications.
He will do that by sending these commands:
- if he doesn't want to receive notifications: NOTIFICATIONS 0
- if he wants to receive notifications: NOTIFICATIONS 1
Factory settings is always on, and beekeeper can turn it off.


By this command beekeeper chooses whether he wants to receive SMS, E-mail or both reports. Default is SMS report, and beekeeper can choose by sending SMS command:
REPORT SMS – if he wants only SMS report
REPORT EMAIL - if he wants only e-mail report
REPORT SMS-EMAIL - if he wants both
If the beekeeper wants to receive only FTP report, he can turn off other reports by sending command:

Working regime

As we said before in ADDING NEW USER, SMS Scales will only communicate with Users, or with all cell numbers.
These are working regimes (private or public). We strongly recommend private regime, because of data, sim card balance and battery protection.
Setup by SMS:
- if You want private regime, for Users only: REGIME 1
- if You want public regime, for any cell number: REGIME 0
Private regime is default setting.


There are 2 modes of working, that SMS Scales is always available for measurement, or to send one daily report with 4 measurements for that day. The beekeeper can set mode by SMS.
Command MODE1 makes SMS Scales always available for calling, at any time. It is default setting. More about measurement in MODE1 You can find in FUNCTIONS/Weighing & power.
Beekeeper can anytime switch SMS Scales to MODE2 by sending command MODE2. 2 minutes after sending this message the beekeeper can set times for measurement.
It can be done by SMS:
TIMES xx,yy,zz,ww
xx,yy,zz,ww are hours of measurements. If beekeeper doesn't send this SMS default times are 08,12,16 and 20 hours. After last measurement SMS Scales will send daily report by SMS or e-mail.
When SMS Scales is in MODE2 it's autonomy is 3 times longer than in MODE1 (up to 3 months). After receiving daily report, beekeeper can in next half an hour switch SMS Scales to MODE1. It can be done by command MODE1.
Example SMS of MODE2 daily report:
ID001 - Apiary A1
Location: Mountain 2
09h: 10.02kg, 23C
12h: 10.04kg, 21C
15h: 10.05kg, 21C
17h: 10.07kg, 22C
TARA: 5.67kg
GSM Signal: 30 (7 to 31)
Battery status: 2/5
2014-02-18 17:01:52


It is possibly to reset SMS Scales to default settings by sending command: