From the very beginning, SMS Scales (as a new and innovative device) has been attracting a lot of attention. Way back when it was a relatively unknown device in these areas, journal "Pčelar" (Beekeeper) first wrote about it in May 2013. A year later SMS Scales won 3rd prize for innovation at the 6th State beekeeping fair, which was the reason to be discussed, as the award-winning device, in the June issue of "Pčelar" from 2014. At the same time, the texts about it were issued in Croatian and Montenegrin "Pčelarstvo" (Beekeeping) so SMS Scales became known among the professional community also outside the borders of Serbia.
Another confirmation of the innovation and quality of SMS Scales arrives at the end of 2014. after winning 2nd place in the competition for The best technological innovation in Serbia. Then, the idea of ​​a third generation of SMS Scales was greatly developed, and our SMS Scales Team submitted the application for the registration of a small patent.
At the beginning of 2015, due to the results achieved, we were invited through the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to participate in Agro-Business Forum in Kopaonik MAK 2015, where we exhibited the professional work titled "Smart devices of GSM technology in the case of beekeeping SMS Scales" for which we have received the corresponding points for scientific and professional titles.
In the same year magazines kWh (Kilowatt/hour) and Elektrosrbija wrote about SMS Vaga Team member and one of the constructors of SMS Scales Nikola Jovanovic.
In early 2016 SMS Scales was registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia as a small patent under number 1456.